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Helping people to learn the tools and gain the knowledge for their self awareness
The powerhouse page funding for powerhouse  Parent / teen page advisor of powerhouse a self advocacy group 

 This page is for parents and teen who are seeking information on different topics relating to persons with Disabilities

 Here are web sites where you can get  information                                                      

 Information on human rights 




     Emergency preparedness for Individuals with Disabilities

  A person mind is not think of a emergency preparedness or haven it on a back burn and think that it will not happen to me. when it is to soon and it is at the back door of  house   


if you are interest in more information on the workshop go to this link  






 for the individuals with Disabilities need to lean the step to in emergency preparedness plan 


 step one is leaning what is a to go bag is                                           

 step two is get information about you                                               

 step three is leaning what a watch and warning

 step four is leaning where the storm or evacuate is    

 in the workshop at I use we broke the emergency preparedness plan so they can    understand it 

 if you are interest please e-mail at






 “New England INDEX is an online resource for people with disabilities in Massachusetts. 

 On our site you can find  detailed information about:

·         Provider organizations

·         Physicians

·         Dentists

·         Consultants

·         State agencies serving people with disabilities (for instance, Mass Rehab and the Department of Developmental Services)


 The website address is

 If you would rather talk to a person and have your questions answered, you can call 800-764-0200.”


 I hope you will also let people who work for organizations who serve people with disabilities, that they can join the Massachusetts Network of Information Providers for People with Disabilities or MNIP.  To find out more about the MNIP, you can go to :  An application for the agency to fill out is available on that site.


 Information on SSI or SSDI


 Information on U.S. Government site 


      Information on the State House for Massachusetts

 Information on deaf people


 Information on blind children


 Information on brain injury


 Information on Developmental Disabilities


 Information on Developmental Disabilities From the United Kingdom Parliament


 Information on downs syndrome in the United States


 Information on down syndrome in the Scotland, United Kingdom


 Information on Autism:

 From the United Kingdom Parliament on Autism :


 Information on Asperger



 Information on Learning Disabilities


 Information on Learning Disabilities From the United Kingdom



 Information on Mental illness



 Information on Bipolar



 Information on ADHA


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