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Helping people to learn the tools and gain the knowledge for their self awareness
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 The Years of the Self Advocacy Group,
From 2001 - 2016

The Self Advocacy Group Powerhouse

In April of 2001, a group of people got together to form the self-advocacy group, Powerhouse, a grassroots organization. Their primary goal is “the continual awareness of each consumer's rights, dignities, and inclusion in an advancing society”. 

Powerhouse aims to strip dated restrictions and stereotypes from the public forum, and showcase each consumer's abilities and contributions as productive citizens, to local and state agencies. 

In March of 2002 Powerhouse received three separate awards from the Massachusetts State House and organized a formal rally in June of the same year. As Powerhouse chairperson, I will continue to fight for my constituent's honorable representation and influence government in their communities.


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